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    Top 10 Construction Companies in Uganda

    The construction industry in Uganda has been experiencing robust growth, driven by infrastructural development, urbanization, and increased investment in the real estate sector. In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 construction companies in Uganda, shedding light on their areas of specialization with . Additionally, we’ll delve into the current landscape of the construction industry in Uganda, highlighting key trends, challenges, and opportunities.

    1. Sarjan Construction Uganda Ltd

    Location:  Lower, Plot 3/A, Next to Deliverance Church Kampala, Uganda

    Website: Sarjan Construction Uganda Ltd

    Phone: +256 772 522810

    Sarjan construction Uganda Ltd is a top construction company in Uganda. They have skilled architects, engineers, and developers who bring creative ideas to life. Partnering with major manufacturers, they build quality homes and factories. Whether you’re an individual or a corporate client, they turn your vision into reality with expertise and innovation.

    Sarjan Construction Uganda Ltd

    Sarjan Construction Uganda Ltd
    Sarjan Construction Uganda Ltd


    2. Ocean Living 

    Location: plot 1871 Mawanda Road , Kampala, Uganda

    Website: ocean living

    Phone: +256 757 251040

    The Ocean Living, a renowned international construction company, has made a significant impact on Uganda’s construction landscape. With a diverse portfolio, they are involved in major infrastructure projects Apartments, showcasing their expertise and commitment.

    3. Roko Construction Limited

    Location: ROKO road, Kampala

    Website: Roko Construction

    Phone: +256 393203110

    Roko Construction Limited, a well-established player in the industry, has been instrumental in shaping Uganda’s modern infrastructure. Their commitment to quality and timely delivery has earned them a stellar reputation.

    Construction companies in Uganda
    Construction companies in Uganda

    4. Babcon Uganda Limited

    Location: Plot 30 Kome Cres Rd, Kampala

    Website: Babcon Uganda

    Phone: +256 414220327

    Babcon Uganda Limited stands out for its comprehensive construction solutions. The company’s dedication to excellence is evident in its projects, contributing to the nation’s economic and social development.

    5. Association Of Uganda Tour Operators

    Location: Plot 31 Kamwokya Street, Kampala

    Website: Association Of Uganda Tour Operators

    Phone: +256 414542599

    While primarily associated with tourism, the Association Of Uganda Tour Operators also plays a role in infrastructure development, contributing to the growth of the country’s tourism industry.

    6. Sanqua Engineering Limited

    Location: Plot 53,55, and 57-59, Temele Industrial Road, Soroti Industrial and Business Park

    Website: Sanqua Engineering

    Phone: +256 755215440

    Sanqua Engineering Limited has a strong presence in Soroti and has been a key player in driving industrial and business park development. Their commitment to sustainable and innovative construction practices sets them apart.

    Construction companies in Uganda
    Construction companies in Uganda

    7. Segken Services Ltd

    Location: Broadway road street, Masaka

    Website: Segken Services

    Phone: +256 750447532

    Segken Services Ltd has made its mark in Masaka, contributing to the region’s infrastructure development. The company’s focus on efficiency and customer satisfaction has garnered positive reviews.

    8. Anoma Group Pvt. Co. Ltd

    Location: Kyaliwajala Plot 3383 Tausi House, Wakiso

    Website: Anoma Group Pvt. Co. Ltd

    Phone: +256 704228108

    Anoma Group Pvt. Co. Ltd, based in Wakiso, is recognized for its diversified construction services. The company’s commitment to quality and professionalism has fueled its growth and success.

    9. Layibi Center

    Location: P8V45J2, Gulu

    Website: Layibi Center

    Phone: +256 775411746

    Layibi Center, situated in Gulu, plays a crucial role in the region’s development. Their projects contribute to the economic and social advancement of the area, showcasing their commitment to community development.

    10. Dunsa Holdings Uganda Limited

    Location: Plot 20 Market Ln, Soroti

    Website: Dunsa Holdings Uganda Limited

    Phone: +256 777602410

    Dunsa Holdings Uganda Limited is a key player in Soroti, contributing to the region’s growth through its construction endeavors. The company’s projects reflect its dedication to excellence and innovation.

    Construction companies in Uganda
    Construction companies in Uganda

    Current Landscape of the Construction Industry in Uganda:

    Key Trends:

    Technological Integration: The construction industry in Uganda is witnessing increased adoption of advanced technologies such as Building Information Modeling (BIM) and construction management software, improving project efficiency and collaboration.

    Sustainability: There is a growing emphasis on sustainable construction practices, with companies implementing green building technologies, renewable energy solutions, and environmentally friendly materials.

    Infrastructure Development: Uganda continues to invest in large-scale infrastructure projects, including roads, bridges, energy, and water supply systems, driving growth in the construction sector.


    Regulatory Hurdles: Some construction projects face delays and challenges due to complex regulatory processes and bureaucratic hurdles.

    Skills Shortage: The industry is grappling with a shortage of skilled labor, particularly in specialized fields such as engineering and project management.


    Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs): The government’s encouragement of PPPs presents opportunities for construction companies to engage in joint ventures for large-scale projects.

    Affordable Housing: With a growing population, there is a demand for affordable housing, creating opportunities for construction companies to contribute to residential development projects.


    As Uganda continues to experience economic growth and urbanization, the construction industry plays a pivotal role in shaping the nation’s future. The top 10 construction companies highlighted in this article are at the forefront of this transformation, contributing significantly to Uganda’s infrastructure development. Investors and stakeholders can look to these companies for reliable and experienced partners in the dynamic construction landscape of Uganda.


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